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Creating a personal reciepe book to learn the bookdown package.


An editted clone of the 2048 game.

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We managed a little more adventuring in March. James signed up to run the Heptonstall fell race, near Hebden Bridge. We decided to make a weekend of it stay over for a night at Widdop Reservoir. This meant that although I wasn’t racing, I managed a couple of nice walks in a new area. On the last weeked of March, I did a short, tile bagging ride around Catterall. I managed to get about 9 new tiles, and this increased my max cluster, linking up Beacon Fell.


February was not quite as lucrative for tiles. I did one tile hunting ride early in February, which gained me three new all time tiles and increased my max cluster. We also did a really lovely run in the Howgills, however, I ran on paths I had run before meaning - no new tiles. February has been quite a crazy month for us, with moving house and interviewing for a new job.


January was suprisingly a good start for tiles. We got a sunny ride in on January 1st along Marshaw. Another weekend we drove out to Longridge and did a loop from Longridge, taking in the house which James grew up in. I went to Tavira to visit my family and managed to get a couple of tiles from beach walks and a coastal run. Undoubtedly the main focus for January for me was That’s Lyth.


One of the best features of Veloviewer is the explorer score. Essentially, the map is split into a grid of tiles, and if any of your activities cross into a tile then it gets a tick. Since starting recording rides and runs in 2013, I have ticked off a total of 2141 tiles. In 2018, I covered 762 tiles, and 418 of these were “new” tiles. This image below shows the the tiles which I have covered so far.



What I’m focusing on now:

  • My personal projects are tracked on GitHub


. Efficient Analysis of Data Streams. PhD Thesis, 2017.


. The effect of recovery algorithms on compressive sensing background subtraction. In IEEE SDF, 2013.