Hunting Tiles

One of the best features of Veloviewer is the explorer score. Essentially, the map is split into a grid of tiles, and if any of your activities cross into a tile then it gets a tick. Since starting recording rides and runs in 2013, I have ticked off a total of 2141 tiles. In 2018, I covered 762 tiles, and 418 of these were “new” tiles. This image below shows the the tiles which I have covered so far.

The new tiles in 2018 were mostly gathered during our big trips away such as cycling to the Isle of Man and our holidays to Malta and the Trossachs in Scotland.

We also did a couple of longer bike rides such and Howgill Lane, Kirby Stephen and the Fylde Coast.

In 2019 I’d like to cover more than 418 new tiles. We have a couple of big trips lined up, including cycling to North West Wales, and a week exploring Devon.

I’d also like to expand my max cluster. This is represented by the blue tiles, and in 2018 I had a max cluster of 164. In order to expand it, I aim to link up Kirby Lonsdale, Settle and Grasmere.

Finally, the black squares in the image relate to the maximum square you have covered. So far I have a max square of 7x7. Increasing this is quite difficult due to being near the sea, however, I think I can increase this to 8x8.

I’ll provide monthy updates on our tile explorations to track how we’re getting on.